DevOps Services That Streamlines Your SDLC

Result-oriented and expert DevOps professionals at iCommuneTech leverage best practices to create scalable software solutions. We help streamline your SDLC workflows through automation and enhance collaborations between development and operation teams.

As a leading DevOps solutions company, our skilled developers help you standardize SDLC activities for enhanced output. These DevOps solutions from iCommuneTech experts enable you to achieve agile software. development and ensure high-quality delivery.

How iCommuneTech’s DevOps Services Work?

iCommuneTech’s DevOps services are tailor-made to your business needs along the development lifecycle.

Need assessment

Our DevOps professionals examine your existing infrastructure and determine critical areas of improvement. This includes a review of the current workflows and processes.

System monitoring

Monitoring your development process, we ensure tracking of each activity from strategy, design, development, deployment, integration, and deployment. Accurate DevOps visualizations will enable you to leverage real-time insights into system performance.

Deployment automation

Reduced time to market can mean higher conversions if done right and our DevOps services can help you with rapid deployments. We implement CI/CD pipelines for enhanced automation, reducing deployment time and ensuring feedback integration.

Agility of delivery

Software delivery needs adaptability and iCommuneTech offers enhanced adaptive development along the SDLC leveraging DevOps culture. We implement DevOps best practices to ensure higher adaptability and agility for your projects.

Performance maintenance

Being one of the top DevOps solutions providers, we understand the need for continuous high performance for your digital assets. A team of professionals from iCommuneTech will monitor, fine-tune, and ensure reliable performance for your systems.

Enhancing Software Delivery With iCommuneTech’s DevOps Solution

DevOps is a culture you must embrace at the organizational level to build a cross-platform environment where developers, operations
teams, QAs, and testers collaborate. Being a top DevOps solutions company,we help you embrace the culture across
departments, creating a collaborative ecosystem.

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Software delivery

With more than ten years of experience in automating software delivery and implementing DevOps practices, iCommuneTech offers unmatched capabilities for your projects.

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Agile approach

Leveraging the agile approach, we offer solutions that are thorough, fast, and provide enhanced business performance. Our DevOps experts make sure your teams work in sync, integrating feedback after every iteration.

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Deep expertise

We have seasoned professionals experienced in delivering flexible and scalable solutions for your projects. With deep expertise in DevOps practices, our team ensures maximum ROI.

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Peak transparency

iCommuneTech has the DNA of delivering top DevOps services with complete transparency, offering 24/7 communication, project updates, and problem resolutions.

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Project management

We follow the best industry standards and practices to ensure the top quality of all your projects. iCommuneTech provides project management expertise, which allows businesses to focus on core functions.

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Comprehensive support

Our teams are always accessible for technical support, and by going beyond the usual maintenance, we ensure the effective implementation of DevOps practices.

Rapid Software Delivery is Efficient With iCommuneTech

We are more than any DevOps company with cross-functional teams, cloud infrastructure experts, CI/CD implementation expertise, and a rigorous testing regime.

Let’s Get Started

DevOps Services We Offer

Right from building a collaborative environment to leveraging advanced tools for automation, we are a DevOps services company that keeps everything in sync with what your needs are. The commitment of our team to make your projects succeed is untiring, making sure every solution brings value to your project.

  • DevOps implementation
  • CI/CD implementation
  • Infrastructure as Code(IaC) services
  • AWS DevOps services
  • Build and test automation

Choose Your Option For Better DevOps Services

Hourly/Monthly Basis

Hire DevOps experts on an hourly or monthly basis to automate software delivery and improve your time-to-market.

Fixed Cost Basis

Have a fixed cost to your project and still want to enjoy the benefits of DevOps? Choose fixed-cost engagement with iCommuneTech.

Dedicated Team

Want a dedicated DevOps team for your projects? We offer cross-functional teams that act as an extension of your organization, delivering software excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Got a question about our DevOps services? Here are all the answers!

DevOps combines software development with IT operations to improve efficiency throughout SDLC. Services include automated build processes, CI/CD pipelines, infrastructure as code, monitoring and logging tools.
DevOps is becoming important in the software development industry, with companies prioritizing agility, speed, and quality in software delivery. DevOps culture is expected to grow due to its benefits of faster time-to-market, better collaboration, and increased efficiency.
Everything from automated code builds to creating a strategic collaborative culture and implementing CI/CD pipelines our services cover several verticals of DevOps including,
1.DevOps implementation
2.CI/CD implementation
3.Infrastructure as Code(IaC) services
4.AWS DevOps services
5.Build and test automation
Measuring DevOps success requires analysis of different metrics and KPIs like,
1.Deployment frequency
2.Lead time for changes
3.Mean time to recover
4.Change failure rate
5.Infrastructure as code coverage
Your company needs DevOps to
1.Achieve faster time to market for software releases
2.Improve collaboration between development and operations teams
3.Increase efficiency and productivity in software development processes
4.Enhance the quality and reliability of software products
5.Optimize scalability and flexibility in handling changes

What do our clients say about us?

We are a leading DevOps solutions company with clients worldwide sharing what it means to hire our services.

Josh Regin,CEO, CTO, Mectech

“iCommuneTech’s DevOps services have been a game-changer for our company. Their expertise in automating the CI/CD pipeline with Jenkins and managing configuration and release processes has streamlined our development process, resulting in faster deployment times and improved product quality. The team is proactive, skilled, and always available to address any issues that arise.”

29 November 2022
Harman Shah,CEO, Phuture. inc

“We were struggling with our cloud infrastructure, but iCommuneTech’s DevOps services helped us optimize our resources and improve our overall system performance. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. They are truly experts in cloud DevOps/SRE services “

29 November 2022
Hayle Konask,CTO, Moneylend

“iCommuneTech provided top-notch DevOps services that exceeded our expectations. Their team is proficient in using modern DevOps tools and techniques. They worked closely with our team to customize our job board and integrate APIs using PHP, resulting in a seamless user experience. We highly recommend iCommuneTech for their exceptional DevOps services.”

29 November 2022

Make Your Business Future-proof With Top DevOps Solutions

iCommuneTech offers advanced DevOps services enhancing the software delivery through faster development, higher quality, and CI/CD implementations.

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